Trail cameras and their many uses in the South African wilderness

Trail cameras have a variety of uses and are really only limited by your imagination. It is basically a camera that is operated by a passive infrared sensor(PIR). The PIR can detect the heat from an animals body as compared to the temperature of the surroundings.

Once the PIR senses heat in motion it triggers the camera to take a snap shot of the heat source. If daylight is low or after sundown, a flash will be activated to expose the picture. You now have the option of choosing an incandescent or infrared flash.

The advantage of the infrared flash is that it will spook the subject much less. A majority of trail cameras are also capable of taking still pictures and short video clips. As i said earlier, the best game cameras have a ton of uses.

dirty deer caught in the with a trail camera

The Primos Truth Cam 35 Trail Camera is equipped with a time lapse feature. This enables the user to secure the camera over looking a construction site, garden, flower, etc.. and create a sequence of events and catalog progress.

You can hang the camera beside a bird feeder to get close ups of your favorite birds. I have even seen people set up trail cameras on the edge of a pond to get pictures of ducks. Another very exciting placement of a camera is over animal remains or carcass. Hunters also like these game cameras to scout new hunting grounds with hunting binoculars reviews.

You could see very elusive animals like cougars, coyotes and bobcats. Another common use of trail cameras is for security. More and More people are using them to monitor remote home sites, hunting camps and storage sheds.